Edges of the Week: Down with Patriarchy; The Racism of Game of Thrones; Long Live the Doobie Brothers!

I admit it, I’m a naughty blogger. Don’t feed the beast frequently enough, don’t interact with other bloggers enough, too Minnesotan to engage in flagrant self-promotion (guilt-free, anyway), and prone to posting when I fancy, about whatever happens to be on my mind at the time.


That said, I do try to keep my posts on the edges and intersections of four topics that often overlap for me: Faith (particularly, but not limited to, the Christian variety), Tech (especially helpful tools for writers and scholars, with the occasional foray into gaming), Medievalism (one of my academic specialties), and Gender (primarily in terms of discussions surrounding sex, gender, and sexuality within Christianity–but still with a strong view toward bringing down the evil that is patriarchy).

So, as a form of penance for my bloggering transgressions, and also as a way to spread some very good reading around, I’m gonna try, weekly, to direct some attention to some of the best recent work out there that explores some of the same “edges” that interest me.  I’m also adding a “just for fun” category, simply to share the fun and the positive. Ready?

Faith and Gender:

The best of the week is definitely this amazing piece by Beth Allison Barr, a Patheos blogger, whose historically-informed takedown of Christian Patriarchy is a wonder indeed to behold.

A close second would be Vance Morgan’s trenchant critique of the tribalism of the oft-repeated canard that Christians in America are “persecuted.”


Two goodies here:

First, we have this encouraging piece on how Finland treats it as a necessary public service to educate its citizens about how to spot fake news, especially of the Russian troll-farm variety.

I’ve been scratching my tech-nerd itch recently by working on a new project: building a true handheld PC using a combination of off-the-shelf and possible 3D printed components. I’m not sure mine will ultimately look as good as the hgTerm Handheld or the Noodle Pi, which are very professional versions that require one to be something of an engineer (and have better than average soldering skills). My aim is to achieve something a little more, well, achievable by mere mortals. We shall see. I’ve been experimenting with a little Raspberry Pi Zero W board all week, and the screen and keyboard components arrive tomorrow…


The most important and topical read of the week is definitely medievalist Cord Whittaker’s lucid piece on the racist implications of the way the Game of Thrones television series represents its peasants.

Just for Fun:

This performance of the Doobie Brother’s “Listen to the Music” combines tracks recorded all over the world, some from original band members and others from musicians of a wide variety of world cultures. It’ll put a smile on your face no matter who you are. If you’re a Doobies fan, it might bring a wee tear to the eye as well.


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